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Danny Rose issues Spurs apology even as Chelsea tempt with double wages

Based on a report by Simon Johnson in the Evening Standard, Chelsea are as aware as anybody that our realistic chance at acquiring Danny Rose from Spurs is next to non-existent, but just in case a thing that hasn’t happened in over 30 years happens this year, we’re ready with a nice offer for the 27-year-old.

Like Manchester City did for Kyle Walker, Chelsea are willing to double Danny Rose’s current wages, which really isn’t that outrageous of an offer considering Spurs’ current wage structure. Chelsea “won't hesitate to pay £120,000-a-week,” which is probably an understatement.

Unfortunately, this would still require Spurs to sell to Chelsea, which hasn’t happened since 1985. And that’s not likely to change. Earlier today, Danny Rose released an official apology through his representatives, which has been accepted by the Spurs hierarchy and everyone seems ready to put this episode behind them.

“Having had time to consider my actions, I acknowledge now that the timing and manner of what I said was ill-judged. My words were not meant to offend and for that I would like to apologise to the chairman, manager, my team mates and the fans. I’d also like to wish the lads good luck ahead of Sunday’s game against Newcastle.”

-Danny Rose

“I forgive him and now we move on.

"Of course [he has a future at Tottenham]. Nothing has changed in my vision or perception of him. The moment he apologised, we moved on. For me it's in the past, the situation.”

-Mauricio Pochettino; source: Evening Standard

Of course without tangible improvement on the conditions that irked Rose into this statement in the first place, we’re likely to revisit this situation eventually. But for now, we can put these dreams where they belong, back on the very top shelf, unreachable behind all the other forbidden fruits.

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