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Jorge Mendes working overtime on AC Milan option for Diego Costa — report

Over the last few days, the Diego Costa's pursuit of happiness seems to have taken a slight turn for the less happy, with Atlético Madrid, who are his preferred destination, not exactly champing at the bit to get their former hero back to the club. As up-front and straightforward as Costa has been about his desire to re-join Los Colchoneroes, previously quite talkative Atleti (including both their CEO and their head coach) have been just as coy and evasive about it all. It could all just be games and negotiations of course, but given all that, the narrative has started shifting back towards other options for Costa.

In fact, according the rumors out of Italy, the AC Milan option is very much back on the table and super-agent Jorge Mendes is putting in the hours to possibly make that happen.

Milan were not too fond of this idea earlier in the summer, which could mean that the potential deal has shifted away from a short-term loan to a more permanent transfer. Costa had previously ruled out any club other than Atletico, but perhaps that stance has shifted now as well.

Either way, there could finally be some light at the end of this tunnel, though that’s dependent on Milan being able to afford Chelsea’s demands (or at least come closer to meeting them than Atletico) and Costa approving a non-Atleti transfer, at least for now, as well.

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