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Official: Manchester United agree Lukaku fee with Everton as Chelsea sleep

In a way, this doesn’t really confirm anything we didn’t already know, but an official confirmation as an official confirmation and official confirmations are better than just media reports. So, here’s Manchester United announcing at 8am right on the dot — scheduled tweet? — that they have agreed a fee with Everton for the transfer of Romelu Lukaku. This fee was understood to be £75-80m cash with an additional £15-25m in various incentives (final amount depending on just how much they outbid Chelsea by in the second round of bidding last night).

The transfer is still subject to a medical and personal terms, which does leave a gap for Chelsea to wedge back in (assuming Everton are open to accepting other bids as well). The medical is likely to be just a formality, but personal terms is where Lukaku can still put his foot down and, by going against his agent’s advice and financially beneficial leaning, choose Chelsea, as he once proclaimed he would. Whether he will is anyone’s guess, though reports last night seemed to lean towards Lukaku choosing red over blue.


The mess is entirely of Chelsea’s making though, so it’s hard to be too upset with Lukaku whatever decision he makes. United were willing to do what Chelsea weren’t — meet Everton’s demands — and now they’re about to reap their rewards for it.


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