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Mourinho hints at deal as Nemanja Matić completes Manchester United medical

The picture of Nemanja Matić in a Manchester United training shirt that’s been going around social media all day Sunday has been essentially confirmed as authentic (by virtue of nobody refuting its authenticity or being able to categorically rule it a really well done photoshop).

As Mourinho himself confirmed, the no.31 is a vacant number at United after the departure of Bastian Schweinsteiger. Mourinho claimed not to know anything about the transfer itself of course.

"I don’t know because I was not there [at United's Carrington training complex]. I don't know. I really don't know. Number 31 is a free number. It was Schweinsteiger. It’s a free jersey, we have a few free and 31 is one of them."

But Mourinho then revealed that he does actually know more, he’s just not saying.

“I’m waiting for news. I'm waiting for news. I know that he wants that very, very much and when a player wants very, very much the chance is bigger, the chance is bigger.”

"So I think we have a chance but in football until it’s official, I saw so many things happen that I refuse to say more than I am telling you now."

-José Mourinho; source: M.E.N.

We can safely assume the transfer’s happening, probably for the 40m or reported earlier, with an official announcement happening sooner rather than later.

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