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Álvaro Morata arrives in London for Chelsea medical, signing

Having seen Álvaro Morata check-in for a British Airways flight out of LAX on Wednesday, go through security, and presumably get on board as well, we knew to expect him to land in London around 10am local time. According to the Telegraph he did indeed do just that, and now he’s set to take his medical and sign his contract, both of which hopefully will be nothing more than mere formalities at this point.

Both Chelsea and Real Madrid have announced the transfer — £58m with add-ons rising to £70m the accepted figure — and Madrid even posted a video of Morata saying goodbye to all his teammates, so we can probably rest assured that this transfer is indeed happening. Of course, as Morata himself pointed out, it’s not truly over until it’s over. But it should be truly over soon, perhaps as early as later today after the all the formalities are dealt with.

Morata will then presumably get back on a plane sooner rather than later and continue his globe-trotting journey to Beijing, where he’ll link up with the squad and the coach who’s now signed him twice but has yet to actually work him. Or maybe he’ll get a rest day first. Either way, it’s probably not long now before we see Morata at least holding up a Chelsea shirt!

UPDATE: Sky Sports were there and captured this brief and terrible interview.

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