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Juventus to reward Alex Sandro with new contract if he rejects Chelsea — report

Juve and Chelsea lining up the chess pieces for next week’s Alex Sandro battle.

The Alex Sandro deal has been stuck in neutral for a couple weeks, so I think this is basically the same story as from the middle of June, when there were multiple reports of a new Juventus offer on table for the left back. Now it’s Corriere dello Sport running with it the story, though the most crucial fact remains the same: their offer is less than Chelsea’s offer (€5m vs. €6m yearly, presumably net, salary).

At the time this story first appeared, Chelsea were supposedly bidding around £55m. Now our bid is around £61m (€70m) and it sounds like Juventus just might accept this one — they certainly haven’t rejected it yet, unlike the previous offers from Chelsea in the slightly less unreasonable range.

Despite those numbers slowly ticking up, there’s no progress expected until next week, when Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia is set to continue negotiations (presumably after wrapping up the Rüdiger deal).

So, the Alex Sandro situation remains unchanged. The 26-year-old knows he can make more money at Chelsea, who are ready to break both a club record (transfer fee paid) and a world record (transfer fee for a defender). Juve apparently are willing to let him go if their asking price is met (that may or may not be €70m at the moment), but are hoping he stays and signs his new five-year deal.

Fingers crossed for next week then.

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