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Official: Antonio Conte signs new contract to become highest paid coach in Chelsea history


Hip-hip hooray!

Allay your fears of anything and everything for a moment, because Antonio Conte has signed his new Chelsea contract today, and suddenly, all was well with the world. Having already hired two new staff members for him this summer, this really was more of a question of when rather than if, but it’s still great news to hear on the eve of the team’s departure on the preseason Tour of Asia.

So, after much negotiation and discussions and especially rumors one way or another, Conte signs a new two-year deal.


Two-year deal?

So basically he signed a new contract for the same length of time he was already signed through.

“Antonio achieved incredible success last season, adapting to English football very quickly and leading us to the Premier League title. This new contract reflects our belief that he can continue to deliver results both domestically and as we return to European competition in the Champions League.”

-Marina Granovskaia; source: Chelsea FC

When Conte arrived last summer, he signed a three-year contract, seen as the standard commitment from the club to a new coach and staff. The rumor was that he would sign at least another three-year deal now as reward for last season, if not maybe a four-year deal like Mourinho did after his last title win. As it turns out, Conte’s basically agreed to a contract that gives him (presumably) a pay rise and possibly some other unknown and unnamed benefits.

UPDATE: Simon Johnson confirms that as previously rumored, Conte’s new wages make him the highest paid coach in Chelsea history.

So, not an extension but obviously still better than nothing ... though the length of the contract will do little to allay any potential fears over a departure from the club sooner rather than later, not to mention create a similar situation next summer as this summer, except even more dramatic and heightened. Unless another new contract is agreed before then (or the same fate befalls him as all his other illustrious predecessors).

“I am very happy to have signed a new contract with Chelsea. We worked extremely hard in our first year to achieve something amazing, which I am very proud of. Now we must work even harder to stay at the top.”

“The Chelsea fans have given me so much support since I arrived here one year ago and it is important we continue to succeed together.”

-Antonio Conte; source: Chelsea FC

Back to work!

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