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Chelsea, AC Milan stuck on the Morata, Belotti, Aubameyang rumor merry-go-round

And there’s little hope of getting off before the end of the ride

Spain v Colombia - International Friendly Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

One day is Morata. Then it’s Belotti. Then it Aubameyang. Then it’s back to Belotti. Then back to Aubameyang. But don’t forget about Morata! There’s Agüero, too, but no one believes that seriously, right? So it’s back to Belotti. And then Aubameyang. Morata? Belameyang? Aubalotti? Molottieyang?

Who even knows.

You may freely substitute Chelsea and AC Milan in any of these rumors and someone, somewhere probably has already ran a story like that. That’s transfer rumors for ya, or as the rest of the world calls them, fake news.

We haven’t even actually made a bit for any of them, mind you.

Today’s version comes via Gianluca Di Marzio who’s become too much of a ‘sans filter’ institution these days to be truly called “reliable” even in the low-threshold world of transfer rumors, but whatever. He still has his moments.

Di Marzio’s site claims that not 24 hours after Morata was supposedly all set for AC Milan, he’s now actually more likely to go to Chelsea. Milan are now back in for Belotti instead, where they had a fairly substantial transfer bid already rejected. Meanwhile, Aubameyang and BVB are set to play AC Milan in a few hours, so he’s likely to vault back on top pretty soon here as far as their striker search is concerned.

And so it goes, round and round. Morata today, Belotti tomorrow, Aubameyang after that.

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