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Chelsea’s ‘serious and strong interest’ in Sergio Aguero is just more useless waffle

On the plus side, the dispatches from Spain have now been confirmed, or at least repeated, by sources in England as well. Both Sky Sports and the Telegraph are in accord that Chelsea’s interest in Sergio Aguero is very real. And also very futile.

Of course, very few teams in the world wouldn’t be interested in Aguero in the first place, but it’s nice to know that seven years after passing on the then-Atletico striker in the summer of 2010, Chelsea have finally seen the light. Or something.

“Chelsea are a great club. They have become one of the most feared in Europe over recent years. I look at players like Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard and they have been – and still are – the best players in their positions in the world. I could really learn from players like that, there is no doubt.”

“London would be a really amazing city to live in as well, myself and my wife could be really happy there. Carlos Tevez is doing really well at Manchester City but, for me, it is about joining a club who are ready to challenge for honours. City are not ready yet.”

-Sergio Aguero; April 2010

Oh, the things that could have been!

In any case, all sources agree that City are not looking to sell Aguero, so this is a self-defeating rumor that’s likely to run itself out of steam soon. Aguero is not for sale, and even if he were, at 29 years old with dodgy hamstrings, Chelsea’s moneys could probably be better used elsewhere assuming the we made peace with spending that much on a player.

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