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Reports of reports of vague Chelsea intent to prepare the big offer for Andrea Belotti

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Italy v Liechtenstein - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Torino FC have received no bids for Andrea Belotti. Torino FC do not want to sell Andrea Belotti. Torino FC cannot imagine Torino FC without Andrea Belotti. Torino FC may listen to (non-Italian) offers below Andrea Belotti’s €100m buy-out clause.

Wait, what?

If you squint just right while reading Torino FC president Urbano Cairo’s words, there’s certainly an open door there for Chelsea to make a play. Urbano Cairo of course should not be confused with his brother, Ruralo Cairo.

“He has a €100m release clause. For now no-one has come in for him. I’m glad he’s with us and I hope he can stay.”

Why is this just a hope if no one has come for him?

“I want to understand his intentions, I’m happy for him to stay, not least because we’ve given up interesting options which didn’t reach the €100m clause.”

Is Belotti unhappy that Torino rejected offers for him? Are Torino unhappy that no one’s willing to pay the €100m?

“They weren’t real offers, but there were contacts. I don’t want to imagine a Toro without Il Gallo.”

Sorry, not offers. Interest. Is Belotti unhappy that Torino are knocking back interest and enquiries? Are Torino soliciting more interest and enquiries?

“Tonight I’ll have a meal with [coach Sinisa] Mihajlovic and [sporting director Gianluca] Petrachi, we’ll talk about everything and you understand we also have to think about this possibility.”

So you’re telling me there is a chance?

“The clause is there, but we have to understand what he thinks because it’s important for a player to stay with the desire to do well. I want to talk to him, I want a confirmation.”

Is Belotti unhappy that Torino’s price is ridiculously high and thus no one will bid for him? Are Torino unhappy that Belotti is unhappy? Is Belotti unhappy at all? What does any of this even mean?

“I don’t think it’s possible to sell in Italy, where there isn’t even the clause. Andrea is an extraordinary lad, he has undeniable qualities.”

-Urbano Cairo; source: Independent

Hey, I know a team who are not in Italy and need a starting center forward...

Armed with those quotes, the rumor mill is slowly starting to churn out the usual stories about understandings and intentions and potential interest. The latest comes from Italy’s own La Stampa, who, citing the “British press” claim the Chelsea are ready for the “decisive lunge” and are “preparing the big offer” for Andrea Belotti. Without a specific citation, we have no idea where La Stampa are getting their information, but this will now undoubtedly get regurgitated by the British press, citing the Italian press, citing the British press.


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