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Is Tiemoué Bakayoko trolling us all, including Chelsea and Manchester United?

Delays due to agents, delays due to negotiations, delays due to injuries, delays due to medicals, delays due to whatevers, and now a deleted tweet.

Juventus v AS Monaco - UEFA Champions League Semi Final: Second Leg Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Another day goes by and still no Tiemoué Bakayoko.

He may or may not be in London.
He may or may not be ready to sign.
He may or may not taking a medical.
He may or may not be holding out for better terms.
He may or may not be getting used as a pawn by Manchester United or Monaco or whoever else.

Grimes, who’s a Chelsea fan and a producer at Sky Sports seems certain, but even if he has access to privileged information, really, no one seems to know exactly what’s going on. While most of the Chelsea-sourced journalists agree that the Blues “remain confident” of eventually reaching a deal, the longer this thing lingers, the more weight is lent to reports of gazumpings and injury concerns and failed negotiations and Monaco selling other players instead (Fabinho, for example) and keeping Bakayoko.

The latest sideshow twist has come from the player himself (or someone in his entourage with access to his Twitter) in the form of a deleted tweet, which may or may not be something, or anything, or everything, or nothing.

The funny part is that the story Bakayoko retweeted is just a round-up of Chelsea rumors containing no new information that we hadn’t already learned from reports in England. So he’s either just messing with all of us, or there’s some evil shenanigans and mind games going on behind the scenes, or it was just an honest mistake (don’t look at me that way) ... who knows.

We could sit here speculating all day, and that sounds terribly boring and frustrating.

Maybe today there will be some real progress?

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