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Chelsea lower Diego Costa asking price, expect Atlético Madrid to meet it ‘shortly’ — report

Costa not expected back at Chelsea anytime soon.

A report from Ed Maalyon in the Independent claims that Chelsea are “expecting” Atlético Madrid to meet their asking price on Diego Costa “shortly” after dropping it to a somewhat attainable £30m.

Chelsea’s previous valuation was supposedly in the £50-60m range, which sounds great but not something that Atlético can readily afford apparently. But the Spanish side are apparently growing increasingly “desperate” in their search for a striker — turns out it is not so easy to sign new players if they can’t actually play until January! — as Sandro chose to sign for Everton, Lacazette chose to sign for Arsenal (after originally agreeing to join Atlético), and then Vitolo did something very similar just yesterday, though his situation is highly convoluted at the moment and even Chelsea may be involved ... or not.

Atlético’s previous max commitment for a potential Costa deal was £26m, but it sounds like if they can cough up an extra £4m and make it an even £30m, Chelsea would be willing to do business. With Costa not expected to show up to preseason training anytime soon, and that apparently includes the club’s Tour of Asia that’s set to begin next week, selling him is the only possible solution at this time.

Let’s get this done and move on, shall we?

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