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Chelsea make a signing on July 1st! (From Exeter City)

July 1st is now almost halfway over, and still Chelsea have not announced a signing. That clinking your hear is the pitchforks of the Internet mob getting ready to storm the Megastore.

On the plus side, this should finally put to rest all the nonsense about Nike controlling the Chelsea transfers this summer, right?

It should be noted that there is still plenty of time for Willy Caballero to be unveiled in all the pomp and circumstance that’s due for the unveiling of a backup goalkeeper. Yes, one sad lonely trombone. That sounds about right.


But what’s this? HARK! A herald angels sings!

Ethan Ampadu? More like Ethan Ampa-who, amirite?

We actually wrote about young Ampadu way back in November, when Chelsea were said to have made a £2m bid for the then 15-year-old’s services. Now 16, Ampadu is ready to join the Academy alongside the fresh intake from the lower age groups as well as fellow 16-year-olds Billy Gilmour (from Rangers) and Daishawn Redan (from Ajax).

According to Exeter City themselves, Ampadu has already signed his contract with Chelsea, but the final fee between the clubs has not been agreed (despite the previously rumored £2m bid). If the clubs can’t agree, the fee would be set by tribunal, though one suspects it won’t get that far.

In any case, welcome Ethan Ampadu. See you in the FA Youth Cup! (And also at the butt end of all the usual Vitesse/loan jokes incoming in 3...2...1...)

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