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Diego Costa linked with move to team he said he wouldn’t want to join

How are those contract extension talks going?

Diego Costa’s back in the news this weekend, even as Atlético Madrid’s transfer ban should’ve been enough to basically confirm that he’s staying at Chelsea and possibly even see a new contract extension. After all, Costa was very clear that the only team he would consider leaving Chelsea for (if Chelsea decided that he was no longer needed) were his previous hunting grounds — though technically Atléti are moving to a new stadium this summer, so they would be brand new hunting grounds. But I digress.

So, given that context, the rumors coming out this weekend don’t really make much sense at all.

First, there is the Spanish angle, which claims that Atléti are lining up a move for Costa in January when their transfer ban expires and they’re allowed to register new players once again. Why Chelsea would agree to any such midseason disruption is not put forth by AS, nor is any indication of how Atléti would pay for Costa after earlier reports emerged of their £20m maximum available funds for this potential transfer. (The same report is singing the praises of Griezmann declaring his intent to stay, so there’s no hint of any potential swap or anything like that.)

Second, there is the Italian angle, courtesy of the generally reliable Gianluca Di Marzio, who serves up this lame duck of a rumor about an AC Milan enquiry. Given Milan’s fresh millions, they’re being linked to players left and right (see also: Álvaro Morata), but as mentioned above, Costa was very adamant that his heart is in Madrid and his body is in London and that’s all the parts that he’s got so the rest can keep their moneys and go look somewhere else.


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