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Marco van Ginkel ‘in the waiting room’ as PSV and Chelsea discuss how to proceed — report

In the past 12 months, the fan sentiment for Van Ginkel’s Chelsea prospects has dropped from 80% keep or loan to 80% sell. Meanwhile, he’s apparently not in the club’s or Conte’s plans for next season, but he is very much in PSV’s. So now the 24-year-old is just waiting for the two clubs to work out some sort of a deal.

That’s the report from yesterday’s Eindhovens Dagblad, who put just about every option on the table, from a straight sale to a loan to anything creative in-between.

The locals seem to be under the impression that a sale with a hefty sell-on and/or a buy-back clause will be what the two clubs eventually arrive at, bringing up the similar deal PSV and Chelsea struck over Jeffrey Bruma back in 2013. Chelsea had a buy-back as well as a 30-40 per cent sell-on for Bruma (reports differ), the latter of which netted the club a few extra million Euros when Bruma was sold to Wolfsburg last summer.

In an alternate universe, Van Ginkel’s Chelsea career doesn’t get destroyed by injuries. But in this universe, he’s had to fight back, which, to his credit, he’s done a few times already. He’s proven to be a very effective Eredivisie player and he would be a fantastic signing for PSV, for whom he’s already excellent on two separate occasions.

With Chelsea seemingly looking to cash-in on multiple loan army assets (either by choice or by force) who are now approaching their mid-20s, Van Ginkel could very well be the next player out the door. He does have two years left on his contract with the Blues, so there’s no rush, but there’s also little reason to delay. The report above does not venture a guess at a potential transfer fee, but Chelsea paid somewhere between €9-10m for him in 2013 and we could probably get that same amount back now.

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