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Atlético Madrid must not buy Diego Costa if he wants to play before January

Of course the Daily Mail and others describe this as another BLOW of the massively shocking kind, or some such, to whatever Chelsea’s hopes may be in the Diego Costa situation, but the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t really change anything.

The Mail claims, back up by FIFA rules, that if Atlético sign Diego Costa this summer, they cannot loan him out. This is because due to FIFA rules, teams may only loan out players who are registered with the club in the first place. And since Costa may not register until January, if he joins now, then he won’t be able to play for anyone.

The obvious solution then — presuming Costa doesn’t just want to sit around for six months — is to have it be Chelsea who actually loan him out until January, at which point whatever deal we agree with Atlético this summer goes through. This isn’t rocket science.

The much larger concern remains trying to get proper compensation for Diego, which hasn’t seemed all that likely so far with the teams well apart (£20m+) on the transfer fee last time we heard about that.

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