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Bayern ruin everyone’s fun with blunt response to Robert Lewandowski rumors

Club Atletico de Madrid v FC Bayern Muenchen - UEFA Champions League Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Well, that was fun while it lasted. Not that we really entertained, not even for a second, the idea that Robert Lewandowski would somehow end up at Chelsea this summer, but it was fun to see the rumor mill work itself into a tizzy over nothing.

Alas, having flown way too high way too quickly on the wings of clickbait, it’s drawn the attentions of the Bavarian Air Force and has thus been summarily shot down. Many teams would’ve left it alone; as it is, it’s a sad end for an ultimately harmless flight of fancy.

“Robert is under contract at Bayern and only recently renewed his deal until 2021. Bayern Munich waste no thought on a Lewandowski move. There are no talks with other clubs, and there won’t be any. If other clubs negotiate with players who are under long-term contracts, they risk FIFA punishment. The agent also confirmed to us that he has not held any contract talks.”

-source: Sky Deutschland via Guardian

As the only party to actually take this seriously, Bayern waste no thought, only effort in deeming it worthy of a response. Though that statement really escalates there at the end, doesn’t it? (As pointed out by others, there’s some tremendously rich irony in Bayern threatening others with tapping-up accusations considering that they have half the Bundesliga tapped-up at any given time.)

In any case, you’re lashing out at the wrong people, FC Bayern! Maybe have a talk with your boy’s agent instead.

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