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Chelsea, Monaco not close on Bakayoko fee — report

An update on the Tiemoué Bakayoko negotiations comes from Friday’s edition of L’Equipe, which claims that Chelsea have offered €30m but Monaco want “up to” €50m and so things keep dragging on. Here’s GFFN relaying the news as usual.

While everything will probably turn out just peachy-keen, this is probably not the news we all wanted to hear given the recent nonsense stirred up by reports out of Italy regarding Conte and Chelsea’s transfer prospects, plus the still ongoing negotiations for Courtois’ new contract (with the player and Chelsea also apart on figures), plus the lack of news regarding Hazard’s contract or, in fact, Conte’s contract — though Conte’s supposed demands that are making the rounds are surely part of a negotiating process there.

In any case, Monaco’s valuation of Bakayoko has been pretty steadily reported to be in the €40-50m range, so it’s a bit surprising that Chelsea would want to lowball that with €30m. Then again, I’m not privy to any details regarding these negotiations (or any negotiations, for that matter) and neither is anyone else other than those actually involved in them.

It should also be noted that reports earlier this week spoke of Chelsea’s successful negotiations around this exact transfer fee, with the Telegraph reporting that we managed to talk Monaco down from €50m to €40m — explaining some of the delays around this deal — and that the 22-year-old would be undergoing a medical sometime this week. Meanwhile, Bakayoko’s been in New York City all week, if his Instagram is any indication.

Maybe next week then? For what it’s worth, Chelsea seem to be the only team remaining in this transfer saga, so we can probably assume that this is happening, it just may be a bit longer before it does. With the start of pre-season still four weeks away, we’ve got time.

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