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Chelsea baulk at Real Madrid’s asking price for James Rodriguez — report

I don’t think there’s much to the James Rodriguez rumors at all — he’s being actively shopped around by his agent, that much seems clear, but he comes across as a bit of a luxury player. That said, given that he’s a genuine superstar, any team that might secure his signing would inject a heavy dose of excitement into their transfer window. But that team probably won’t be Chelsea, and certainly not at the price that Real Madrid have tagged onto James’ adorable little face.

The report from Simon Johnson puts the chances of Chelsea coughing up that much for a fringe player as “unlikely” and that may be generous. Real paid €80m for the attacking midfield three years ago, but even with inflation taken into account, it’s tough to see any team paying that much again for a player who failed to lock down a starting spot ever since.

James has been linked to a handful of big and rich teams around Europe, including Chelsea, Manchester United, PSG, etc. He’ll likely find a suitor sooner rather than later. But it probably won’t be at the prices that Real are hoping to get.

Chelsea should no doubt keep an eye on things just in case a chance for a good deal arises, but this was a silly rumor to begin with and nothing’s happened yet that would even begin to convince me otherwise.


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