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Chelsea ready to meet Juventus’ €60m asking price for Alex Sandro — reports

Juventus v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

The Alex Sandro to Chelsea rumor started life as the silliest around, but with every subsequent appearance in the rumor mill, it’s become progressively less silly. That’s of course exactly what they want you to think, to get your hopes up when every single logical thought around this situation screams “no chance”. He just wants a new and improved contract, if anything — his current one ties him to Juventus for another three years “only”.

The narrative already stinks of the Koulibaly situation of last summer as well, going round and round and round with ever increasing bids and asking prices, but not really getting anywhere. The initial reports did not put a price on a proposed transfer, but subsequent rumors spoke of a rejected €40m bid, with Juve asking for €50m. Now, Gazzetta dello Sport claims that Chelsea have made that €50m bid, only for Juventus to reject it and increase their asking price another €10m.

For what it’s worth, the €60m matches the £52m that the Evening Standard mentioned off-hand the other day as the price Chelsea would have to pay to get the 26-year-old left back. But guess what? According to Tuttosport’s Sunday edition, Chelsea are ready to pay that price as well. It’s on the front page and all (in small letters under the “Schick Subito” headline: “Massive offer from Conte for Alex Sandro: €60m”).

Round and around and around we go.

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