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Italian media continue to stir the pot by twisting the words of Conte’s agent

Everton v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The Pastorellos are talking again — there’s two of them, so this can get confusing — but this time the fault is more with the Italian media.

Meet Federico and Andrea Pastorello, brothers, both agents, both friends of Antonio Conte. Federico might even be Conte’s actual agent. Reports disagree. Di Marzio, for example, calls him Conte’s current agent, but the Guardian called him just a friend the last time we had to deal with the Pastorellos talking.

Back then, it was Federico Andrea who was doing a bit of overzealous agenting, winking that “if offers from clubs arrive, new opportunities may arise, especially at historical clubs” and Conte would jump ship to newly moneyed historical club Internazionale after just one season. This prompted a strong response from Conte himself.

“I don’t like it when others speak for me. Pastorello is a friend, I know him well, but I don’t like when others speak for me. If someone wants to know something about me, then they must ask me. We’re fighting for the title and we want to achieve this goal, then we’ll try to build something important together.”

“Yes, [I will be at Chelsea] for the next season.”

This was at the start of April. Fast forward one month, and now it’s Federico’s turn at the mic.

“I’d rather not say anything because Antonio (Conte) is the one who has to choose. He still has two years of contract with Chelsea, and the club is happy to keep him.”

-Federico Pastorello; source: Sky Italia via Gianluca Di Marzio

Nothing in that at all, right? In fact, Pastorello specifically says that he doesn’t want to say anything since Conte just last month said that he doesn’t like it when others talk for him.

Needless to say, that hasn’t stopped the Italian media from speculating — agent refuses to rule out move, and other associated nonsense — some of which has now started filtering over to England as well.

But there’s nothing to make us think that the situation has changed at all. Conte’s here for the foreseeable future, is concentrating on winning the title, then the FA Cup, then signing a new contract, and then building at Chelsea for next season and beyond.

Carry on.

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