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Chelsea have to act fast if Conte wants Manchester City-bound Benjamin Mendy

City aren’t wasting any time.

That transfer market is now in full swing. Manchester City are making in rain, Manchester United aren’t too far behind, and all the “smaller” clubs are making moves daily as well.

One might be concerned that Chelsea haven’t really done anything other than raise £40m through player sales, but then one remembers that it’s not even June yet and there are no less than three (3!) months to go in the summer transfer window. Obviously it’s better to get things done early or at least before pre-season (which starts in about a month and a half), but there’s hardly a need to panic. Despite dropping the ball two years ago, Chelsea turned out to conduct some excellent business last summer (including everybody’s Player of the Year, N’Golo Kante), so we’ll just have to trust the process that involves making sure we sign the right player for the right fit at the right price, as Conte often likes to say.

One such player could be Monaco left back Benjamin Mendy, but if we do want him, we do have to act fast. City are in the hunt as well and are said to be close with a €50m offer. Some reports claimed that a medical was taking place in Manchester already, but Mendy refuted those stories with a rather funny (and dangerous!) Twitter post.

“Calmez vous”. Everybody settle down! That should be the motto for the summer.

City may have stolen a beat on everyone by signing Bernardo Silva to kick off the transfer window festivities, but they may not have it so easy for the rest of the Monaco dismantling. According to French journalist Francois Piraeux, Chelsea are looking at Mendy as well.

Obviously, that doesn’t guarantee a bid or actual interest, even, beyond just the inquiry but the wing-back position has been identified as one of the key areas where the squad needs depth and added quality, and Mendy would certainly fit that bill (albeit rather expensively).

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