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Chelsea attacker remains Jose Mourinho’s ‘first-choice’ as Perisic pursuit peters out

Thanks to the outrageous £50m price tag that Inter Milan have put on Ivan Perisic, Manchester United, who are one of three Premier League teams supposedly interested in the 28-year-old lanky winger alongside Liverpool and Chelsea, are already moving on to other targets. Their primary target for where to spend the £35m earmarked for the position, according to the Independent is none other Willian.

Mourinho interested in Willian? Stop us if you’ve heard this before.

Not paying £50m for Perisic is certainly a reasonable move, and one I would heartily encourage Chelsea to not do either, but £35m for Willian, or something in that region, could be worth a moment or two of consideration. Unfortunately for José, Willian appears to have no intention of leaving Chelsea — both according to the report above and Willian’s own quotes in the last couple weeks — so unless something changes along that front, Willian-to-United shall remain nothing more than a hopeful/hopeless rumor.

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