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Costa hopes both Lukaku and Batshuayi will get to play for Chelsea

Arsenal v Chelsea - The Emirates FA Cup Final Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Diego Costa, man of few words normally, is been practically at the center of a media blitz these last couple days, with comments left and right about his own future, Chelsea’s potential decisions about his future, and, now, the futures of potential replacements or additions to the club.

Of course Costa doesn’t just come out with such comments randomly, they are asked my mischievous reporters looking for the next juicy soundbite.

So here’s Het Nieuwsblad asking Costa if he thinks he could play in tandem with Romelu Lukaku.

“I do not know, that’s a decision for the club. Of course Lukaku is a very big player who has played an impressive season. I hope he will have the possibility to sign at Chelsea because Chelsea is a unique club.”

And what about Batshuayi?

“He is a big player and has an impressive future for himself He has proven in the last games that he has quality and scoring ability. He is a boy who will take more big steps.”

“Hopefully he will continue to grow and keep his head up. He has all the qualities to stay here. Chelsea might sign a new striker, Batshuayi may stay because he’s young and I could be leaving.”

-Diego Costa; source: Het Nieuwsblad via Football 365

Clear and concise analysis from Costa, then, though that’s just about where the true clarity in situation ends and speculation begins. Both Lukaku and Batshuayi have plenty of positives in their respective games that could prove useful for Chelsea, and with the Morata rumors fading a bit lately, this is where our attentions should be focused as well. Costa’s own future remains wholly undecided, though signs seem to be currently pointing towards not leaving.

Deciding what the future may hold for these three will be no small challenge. Stay tuned.

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