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Juventus complete Juan Cuadrado signing just one year into three-year loan

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For all intents and purposes, Juan Cuadrado had already moved from Chelsea to Juventus last summer, leaving the Blues on a three-year loan (3!) that took ages to negotiate and an abacus to decipher.

With three years also remaining on Cuadrado’s Chelsea contract, the loan basically amounted to a lease with 0% interest, with Juventus set to pay €5m annually (plus annual add-ons of up to €4m based on performance targets). Additionally, “achievement of certain given team results” would trigger a mandatory buy-option of €25m less loan fees already paid.

Turns out that winning the league is one of those “given team results”, as the day after Juventus were confirmed Serie A champions again, they’ve announced that they’ve signed Cuadrado for €20m (€25m less the first year’s loan fee).

Cuadrado was also on loan last season at Juventus. Combined with that loan fee (€1.5m), Chelsea have thus, more or less (and not accounting for wages or inflation), made back the €30m we dropped on the winger in January of 2015.

Best of luck, Johnny Squared!