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Chelsea aim to beat Arsenal in FA Cup final then sign Alexis Sanchez

Chelsea to win the Double then put the double whammy on Arsenal.

The Alexis Sanchez rumors died down a bit in recent weeks as Arsenal stopped losing and Alexis stopped sulking in public, but the facts of the situation remains unchanged. The 28-year-old is one of the best players in the Premier League, and he has one year left on his contract.

That’s a situation ripe for speculation. Will he stay? Will Arsenal make him stay? Will he go? Will Arsenal let him go to a rival? Apparently he likes living in London and would prefer to stay in the city (over moving to Manchester or Munich or Turin). But he also likes money and thinks he should be paid commensurate with the best players in England, and he wants to play in the Champions League, neither of which look all that likely to happen at Arsenal at the moment. But, as we’ve heard before, Arsenal remain illogically adamant that they’d rather make him stay and then let him leave for free, than let him leave and sell for tens of millions now.

The Independent’s Miguel Delaney has been one the journalists on the forefront of the Alexis-to-Chelsea angle since the start of these rumors back in December, and his latest says that Conte “wants” Alexis whose hustle and flow could fit very nicely into Conte’s tactics and style, and thus Chelsea are “increasingly likely” to “test Arsenal’s resolve”. As with most transfer rumors, there’s nothing definitive, but there’s plenty of possibility. As before, the verdict on these rumors at WAGNH Towers is a resounding “yummy”.

Whether anything comes of it or we’re just left salivating remains to be seen. Either way, beating Arsenal in the FA Cup final can only be helpful.

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