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Chelsea continue push for Romelu Lukaku — report

And Lukaku apparently wants to come back.

More Lukaku, more of the time! There’s already plenty of noise but get ready, this will only get worse as we approach the end of the season. May be time to invest in a good pair of earplugs or headphones.

The latest comes from none other than Matt Law of the Telegraph, who tends to represent the intentions of Chelsea Football Club. That’s not to say that everything he writes is a briefing from the club, but our assumption is that a good portion of it is just that.

So when he says that “club insiders” are working under the assumption that Lukaku wants to return to Chelsea, we can probably assume he’s not pulling that out of thin air. Adding lines such as “Lukaku may have to hand in a transfer request to leave” are fairly clear calls to action for the 23-year-old, though he’d no doubt be aware of his own situation much more so that it could ever be reported in the papers. Everton will no doubt do everything they can to convince Lukaku to stay even after he’s decided not to sign a new contract.

Chelsea’s push for Lukaku fits reports from the past couple months (and even back as far as a year), with Director of Football Michael Emenalo looking to undo the decisions of Jose Mourinho by re-signing the man whom he once signed as a boy and who has since blossomed into the Premier League’s leading goal-scorer. While other reports claim that Conte’s preferred target is Alvaro Morata instead, it would appear that, for better or worse, Emenalo’s winning this debate.

Neither striker would be available for anything other than an eye-watering sum approaching nine digits, but that’s just how things go nowadays apparently.

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