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Eden Hazard laughs off Real Madrid rumors

Following Saturday’s 2-1 loss to Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge, Belgian national team teammates (and good friends) Eden Hazard and Christian Benteke were interviewed by French journalists Claude Atcheba. Among the topics brought up by Atcheba was of course the most recent round of Real Madrid rumors, which elicited some genuine laughter from both players. Were they laughing because they know something we don’t? Were they laughing at the absurdity of the questions? I’m going with the latter interpretation, but your mileage may vary.

“There is nothing to say [regarding my future]. I take [it] game by game. I try to play as much as possible. That’s it.”

“Why do you want to put me in sh*t [with these Spain questions]? No, [I don’t fancy going to Spain], I’m very well here. I have stuff to finish this year. I have a contract until 2020. Voilà, for now I’m here.”

-Eden Hazard; source: Playsport

While there’s room to interpret these comments in various ways, most journalists, including Atcheba himself and others, like Kristof Terreur, are looking at them as Hazard’s statement of intent to stay at Chelsea this summer. Nothing’s ever guaranteed in football of course, but this is good enough for me.

Regardless, what’s most important right now is Wednesday’s game. Time to refocus and ensure that the “stuff to finish this year” includes at least a Premier League title.

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