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Didier Drogba knows what ‘little brother’ Lukaku is planning, but he’s not telling

Swansea City v Chelsea - Premier League

Chelsea legend Didier Drogba’s making all sorts of news suddenly, but away from his new adventure in the American wild wild west, he’s also been commenting on a few other current topics, including the Romelu Lukaku rumors.

Lukaku and Drogba may have only shared a dressing room for one season (2011-12), with their paths crossing briefly in the summer of 2014 as Lukaku left for Everton and Drogba returned for one last hurrah, but their relationship is apparently quite a bit more evolved than that.

Drogba says he talks to Lukaku on a regular basis.

"You know him well?" I ask him.
"Very well".
"Do you know what he's planning?"
"I know".
"Are you going to tell me?"
"No" followed by much laughter.

-source: Sky

That’s Sky Sports’ Gary Cotteril, once famous for Harry Redknapp’s car window chats, with the leading questions leading to the laugh to launch the next round of debates regarding Lukaku and Chelsea. Drogba did however throw pretty much his full weight behind a reunion between Lukaku and his once-favorite club Chelsea.

“If he comes to Chelsea it will be great for the club. He knows the house already and I think he wants to prove he can be successful here, he didn't get the chance to do it. Chelsea is his club since he was young, so why not?”

There are several possible answers to that question, including price, hurt feelings, other teams, Everton’s promises, and so on, but Drogba’s confident that Lukaku’s got what it takes to be the man to lead the line like he once did in the SW6.

“He wants to be the best. He's really working hard to become the best. I am always challenging him. When he scores one goal, I expect him to score two. We have a very good relationship. I think he's my little brother. He's a really good guy. He's a very good player, but also a great man.”

-Didier Drogba; source: Sky

So what and how much does Didier know? I suspect we’ll find out soon enough.

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