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The international break saved its silliest rumor for the end, and of course it involves Mourinho

Chelsea FC Press Conference Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

There are no FIFA-mandated breaks from club football for the next four months, and while we do get all of January for Silly Season nonsense in-between, the international break wanted to get in a couple parting shots of its own as well before leaving us until March. (And not a tear was shed.)

Yesterday, we got the Messi contract business. Today, it’s David Luiz in the spiritual sequel to Conte-v-Costa, 2 Thanks 2 Seasonos.

Normally, this wouldn’t be worth talking about, but a) it’s getting picked up everywhere after the Star have repeatedly pushed it for the past 48 hours, b) it’s got a great cast of characters with David Luiz, José Mourinho, and Antonio Conte all involved one way or another, and c) there’s lots of money on the line, with transfer fees anywhere from £34m (Chelsea getting our money back) to €70m (another world record for a defender!) mooted.

The plot is a bit thin and rather predictable despite the EXCLUSIVE billing — palpable discord between David Luiz and Conte leading to yet another sensational Love Actually reunion between Mourinho and a player with whom he had supposedly cut his ties long ago — but that clearly isn’t affecting the numbers at the box office judging by the chatter around the interwebs.

Thankfully, proper football is back tomorrow and not a moment too soon.

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