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PSG set asking price for Marco Verratti with Chelsea and Juventus interested — report

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This is actually from a few days ago, but I just ran across it and considering Chelsea's previously reported interest in Marco Verratti, it's something that we might be interested in.  According to reports in Italy, the asking price that's been set for Verratti is €80m.

It's a bit tough to pin down where exactly this rumor started; CalcioMercato probably weren't the first.  Here's a report from Football Italia, for example, from the day before, even.

In any case, where all reports agree is that if Verratti were to leave PSG, it would happen in the summer (a winter transfer has already been ruled out) and it would happen for no less than €80m.  Given the supposed interest from the likes of Chelsea, Juventus, and Bayern, that could very well just be a starting price for a potential bidding war.

That does seem outrageous (both in terms of PSG being willing to sell and the moneys being talked about), but it does fit into Conte's mantra of buying only the "right players".  Conte's a big fan of Verratti and vice versa, so while apparently Juventus would be in the lead if this thing does evolve into a transfer saga, Chelsea could still have a chance.