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Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte hoping not to lose any more players to China

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“It's important now to remain with this squad.”

John Terry Visits China Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images

While neither Oscar nor Mikel John Obi played a tremendously large part of the Chelsea squad this season — Oscar did at first, but since the switch to 3-4-3, he’d fallen out of favor — Antonio Conte is hoping to avoid losing any more players this winter transfer window.

The Chelsea boss had warned about the potential big-money influence of China before, so these comments also fall in line with that thinking. The Premier League is not used to not being the top wage-offerers in football, and just like England managed to attract top international talent a few decades ago by simply offering higher wages than other leagues, now it’s China’s turn to attempt to do the same.

Whether their attempt will be more MLS than Premier League, we’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, Conte’s hoping that the Chelsea mini-exodus this winter stops at just the two.

“I hope that with Mikel, we've finished with China for now.”

"I hope that the offers from China finish with Mikel and Oscar. It's important now to remain with this squad."

-Antonio Conte; source: Express

The likes of John Terry, Cesc Fàbregas, and even Diego Costa have been linked with tremendously well-paying jobs in the Chinese Super League, and even though the recent spending on Carlos Tevez and Oscar has started rumblings in the Chinese government of the need to stop the spending (and, in theory, make the league more sustainable), for now, the “danger” that CSL moneys can possibly pose to teams in Europe remains.