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Chelsea in talks with Swansea City’s Fernando Llorente as Batshuayi loan rumors continue — report

Backup striker shuffle?

This could become a rapidly developing situation as we approach Sunday’s FA Cup match against Peterborough, in which we’re all expecting backup striker Michy Batshuayi to finally get a proper chance.

But if he’s truly not in Conte’s plans — which, in fairness, would run contrary to all public utterances regarding this subject, for whatever those may be worth — then sending him out on loan would possibly be the best solution in a situation with no good solutions. West Ham United and Crystal Palace have been regularly linked with a potential Michy loan, as have a few European teams, but surely we’d like to keep him closer to home.

The complementary part of this backup striker dance is also a story that we’ve heard before, namely that Chelsea are exploring the possibility of acquiring Swansea striker Fernando Llorente, who spent a season with Conte at Juventus a few years ago. Some sources, such as Fabrizio Romano have gone as far as to claim that we’re “in talks” for him already but it won’t be easy. Whatever that means.