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Chelsea and Manchester United target Antoine Griezmann would really like you to just leave him alone

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Antoine Griezmann Visits NBA Store Photo by Steven Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s been a couple months since we last heard of an Antoine Griezmann rumor, which in Antoine Griezmann rumor days is practically a lifetime, but the Atlético Madrid star is apparently getting fed up with the constant speculation surrounding his future at Madrid’s second club.

Despite signing a new five-year extension in June, which supposedly includes a €100m release clause, Griezmann’s situation at Atlético is said to be far from certain, especially with similar speculation swirling around the future of head coach Diego Simeone. But Griezmann would totally love it if you just left him alone, for now anyway.

“I don't like these questions about my future. Players like Cristiano [Ronaldo], [Lionel] Messi or [Gareth] Bale are not always asked what is going to happen next year, where they will be, or who they will play for. So I don't like that I get asked it.”

"I am happy and enjoying myself at Atletico, I am proud to play for these fans, with these teammates, with this coach. Don't ask me any more about my future."

-Antoine Griezmann; source: AS via Telegraph

Of course, those three aren’t constantly asked such things because they’re already at the top of the food-chain. If they were playing for Atlético, I’m sure they would be asked just as often as Griezmann is.

Griezmann could also probably help his own case by not hinting at transfers to Manchester United. Meanwhile, let’s not forget about Chelsea’s supposed ambition to splash the cash on the 25-year-old by paying his release clause.

Stay tuned.