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Nathan Aké return to Bournemouth ‘definitely’ not happening — reports

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But the young defender is not on the bench for Chelsea against Liverpool

AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

Just as quickly as the Independent claimed that Chelsea are letting Nathan Aké decide his own future following a supposed £18m bid from AFC Bournemouth for his services, multiple reports have dropped saying the exact opposite: Aké to Bournemouth is a non-starter.

Here’s ESPN’s Liam Twomey for example:

Here’s the Evening Standard’s Simon Johnson:

Here’s the one and only Dan Levene:

And here’s the dynamic Telegraph duo of Jeremy Wilson and Matt Law:

Overwhelming evidence one way or another is generally a decent indicator of how a rumor will pan out in the end, though surprises cannot be ruled out categorically until the transfer window closes in a little over 3.5 hours.

That said, Nathan Aké is not in the matchday squad tonight against Liverpool, even though he has traveled with the team. Instead, it’s John Terry on the bench, which is something we haven’t seen in the Premier League in over two months, since before Thanksgiving.