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Celtic’s Moussa Dembélé spotted on flight to London but his trip is not Chelsea-related — reports

The young star is apparently going for a “knee scan”. Is that code?

Only on Transfer Deadline Day do you get something like this.

That’s random Twitter user Michael Gibbons taking a picture of someone who looks very much like Moussa Dembélé on his flight to Heathrow (i.e. London if you’re not familiar with airport names) this morning. Questions regarding the identification of the man in question are quickly settled as The Sun contacts Mr. Gibbons and asks to use his pictures in their story.

So, Dembélé’s flying to London on Transfer Deadline Day, just a few hours after a second round of stories linked him with a blockbuster move to Chelsea. Here comes the BOOM. Megaboom, even!

But not so fast, say sources in France.

Bah, why you gotta be like that, Get French Football? How do you say “party poopers” in French?

Also, “knee scan appointment” is a pretty scary three-word combination for any football player, especially one on whom Chelsea might be considering a £34-40m bid.

In any case, this was almost exciting for a few minutes, but then it wasn’t. Just another Transfer Deadline Day fun-sized adventure.

UPDATE: Sky also confirm knee thing/excuse/cover story.

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