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Charly Musonda will spend rest of season either at Chelsea or at Roma — report

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Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Charly Musonda, whose loan was terminated with Real Betis at the start of the winter transfer window — though he himself had been back longer than that to rehabilitate an injury and train with the rest of the first-team — has recently been linked with a loan move to AS Roma for the second half of the season (as a potential replacement for Mohamed Salah, who's off to the Africa Cup of Nations for the next month).

Other stories have claimed that Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte wants to take a good look at the 20-year-old in January and possibly keep him around for the rest of the season.  Chelsea do have at least one FA Cup game coming up, but if Musonda plays in it, he will not be able to play for any other team the rest of the season due to FIFA transfer rules (can only play for two clubs in the same season).

Both of these possibilities have now been confirmed by Charly Jr's father, former Zambian international Charles Musonda, though it would appear that the two options rumored are the only two options on the table.

Even if Musonda ends up going out on loan, some face-time and training-time with Conte should be beneficial in the long run.  After a more or less wasted first-half of the season at Real Betis, Charly does need some quality minutes.  But would he really get that many at AS Roma?  I'm not too sure.