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AS Roma join Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool in Franck Kessié chase — report

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I could have listed several more teams in the headline, but I was starting to run out of space. Basically, every top, top-top, and top-top-top team may be at least tracking young Franck Kessié at Atalanta. As one of the Serie A’s biggest breakout stars this season, that’s hardly surprising.

The latest name in the chase is AS Roma, but there have been reports of Juventus, Inter, PSG, just about all the top six in England, and that’s before we get to Spain or Germany. The kid’s good, of that there seems to be no doubt, and he will command a very high transfer fee when he does eventually leave.

Chelsea tried to get in the door early with a £20m and then a £27m bid, but Atalanta are supposedly only willing to do business at €40m (£34m) and even then only in the summer. All this is known already, or at least “known” as far as anything can actually be known in Silly Season.

Any further rumors right now are just further noise and perhaps a bit of pre-gaming for the main event later this year.