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Mikel agrees Valencia move ‘in principle’ — report

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Getting closer and closer.

It’s been an assumed outcome for several months now that Chelsea legend Mikel John Obi, Hero of 2012, will be leaving the club this January.

Where he might be going remains unclear, but if the flurry of reports this morning are to be believed, his destination is Valencia. The La Liga strugglers have been brought up before, alongside the likes of Marseille and Inter, all three of whom had apparently made concrete offers.

Malyon’s report of Mikel agreeing the Valencia move “in principle” matches a few reports floating around random Nigerian news outlets, including something called Own Goal Nigeria, which surely isn’t a real thing. They claim that Mikel has signed a four-year deal.

Others are not quite that convinced yet. The Evening Standard only go as far as claiming that Mikel is “considering” a Valencia move, while both the Standard and the Independent agree that Valencia’s coaching and financial situation is complicating everything.

“In the case of Obi Mikel, with Chelsea's permission, I met with him in London on Christmas day. I informed him of the option [of joining Valencia]. He said he would think about it.”

-Garcia Pitarch; source: Superdeporte via Evening Standard

Either way, this deal sounds very close to possibly happening, which is about as clear as things ever get in Silly Season. Valencia are a club in crisis; Mikel just might be the calming influence they need.