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Luke Shaw's agent angry with 'irresponsible journalism' after latest Chelsea, Spurs rumors

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Gareth Copley/Getty Images

The Luke Shaw rumors were resurrected yesterday as a corollary to the all the talk about Diego Costa's future and Antoine Griezmann's possible big-money move to England, about which Simeone basically shrugged his shoulders and said, eh, can't stop the rumor mill so you might as well just ignore it.

In contrast, Luke Shaw's agent was slightly less philosophical and a bit more angry.

"I am angry with these reports suggesting Luke Shaw will leave Manchester United in the summer. I am angry at the irresponsible journalism."

"Luke Shaw is happy at Manchester United and also, Manchester United are happy with him."

-Jonathan Barnett; source: IB Times UK

Did I say a bit more angry?  A lot more angry!

Which is all well and good — though not often you see an agent claiming anger in light of media speculation — but Shaw hasn't had the greatest of times under Mourinho, getting dropped after the first few games of the season (in another episode of Jose "I don't blame players in public" Mourinho blaming a player in public), then suffering a groin injury, which put him out of commission for most of November and December.

Shaw's now back, or at least I think he is, but he's not been in the matchday squad for either the league, nor the FA Cup, nor the League Cup matches that Manchester United had had over the past week.  Speculation over his future that had already begun earlier this season is now back, with Chelsea and Spurs apparently at the front of the queue for the one-time £27m-man.

Sounds like pretty standard football journalism to me, especially as both London clubs could be on the lookout for left (wing-)backs in the near future.