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Patrick Bamford arrives at Middlesbrough ahead of £6m transfer

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It’s happening.

Patrick Bamford is set to move on from Chelsea after five years, five six loans, and five million pounds of profit despite making a grand total of zero competitive appearances for the Blues. Here he is arriving at Middlesbrough’s training ground as snapped by Sky Sports’ operatives on Wednesday.

According to previous reports, this will not be another loan but rather a permanent transfer for around £6m, with another £4m in potential performance-based add-ons. Given Bamford’s rough 18 months since being named Championship Player of the Year in 2014-15, the back-loaded contract is understandable and unsurprising.

Despite the non-ideal circumstances, Chelsea are still set to pocket a decent profit, having signed Bamford from Nottingham Forest for around £1.5m. Forest themselves could pocket almost as much again depending on what their sell-on percentage may be on the 23-year-old.

Bamford’s career is in dire need of something positive; hopefully a reunion with Aitor Karanka on Teesside will do the trick.