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Diego Costa appears to confirm Kenedy’s move to Flamengo

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Loan, presumably?

Diego Costa has continued to wreak havoc on carefully laid plans by appearing to confirm young Chelsea winger Kenedy’s impending (loan?) move to Flamengo, rumors of which first appeared yesterday.

That’s Kenedy doing some sort of live social media (Instagram?) video thing earlier today, with Costa’s verified account leaving the comment “Valeu mano boa sorte no mengao”, which Fellipe tells me means “Okay man, good luck at Mengão”. Mengão is one of the nicknames for Flamengo.

Presumably this will be a loan rather than a permanent transfer, though it would almost make more sense as the latter than the former. Kenedy had been hoping to impress Conte this January after returning from his unsuccessful loan at Watford, but apparently that has not happened. This is now Kenedy’s second chance to impress, having failed to do so in the summer. If Conte’s not keen, then maybe a sale is in order? Otherwise a loan back to Brazil seems like a tremendous waste of Kenedy’s work permit.

P.S.: Props to Diego Costa for continuing to troll the media. Here he is earlier today getting all friendly with the Chelsea training staff and no doubt sharing a good joke about the mass hysteria they managed to engineer over the weekend. (Yes, that’s my interpretation because it makes me laugh.)