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Chelsea ‘make approach’ for former Barcelona prospect at Middlesbrough

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Middlesbrough v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

If you watched the fun video of Nemanja Matić and César Azpilicueta playing Jenga, you will have known that Matić that identified “that guy from Middlesbrough” as the fastest player he’s played against. Well, good news, Nemanja, you might not have to face him again!

Chelsea have been linked with an approach for the 20-year-old speedster by Sky Sports today.

Adama is Barcelona born and bred, but for whatever reason, he washed out of La Masia and ended up at Aston Villa instead where he was rather unimpressive in a season limited by injury. With Villa relegated, they shed the kid’s relatively massive salary by selling him to Middlesbrough on transfer deadline day for something less than €10m. It’s not clear if Barcelona’s three-year buy-back clause was sold along with the player.

At Boro, Adama has shown off his one undeniable quality, but as we experienced first-hand on our trip to Teesside, he sorely lacks any end product. It’s all good and well to be quick, but it’s not so useful if nothing actually comes of it. Theoretically that can be taught or learned, so perhaps he just needs more time to develop?

Further complicating things is that Adama has already played for two teams this season (he made a substitute appearance for Villa before the transfer), which means that he would not be able to play for Chelsea this season even if he tried. Sky’s original rumor aimed this transfer for “this month” but that angle has now morphed into a buy-and-loan-back sort of deal.

I think Paddy Power summed it up best with this classic movie reference.

(Perhaps there is an angle here with a Bamford probably on his way to Boro and Chelsea getting Adama in return, or some such combo deal? Stranger things have happened and maybe Adama is just the next Salah in waiting?)