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Jose Mourinho to return for key Chelsea midfielder?


Despite his acrimonious end at Stamford Bridge, and not even for the first time, Jose Mourinho was linked with just about half the Chelsea squad this past summer as he settled in to his new digs at Manchester United. Nothing materialized at the time in either direction — I know, I know ... shocking — but maybe this time?

The quality of the pun is only matched by the contents, which claim that Jose Mourinho is ready to poke his business where it no longer belongs and see what trouble he can cause at Chelsea who are “reeling” at the whole Costa nonsense, and unsettle Matić into a summer transfer. A truly Machiavellian move, to be sure. Of course, Chelsea aren’t exactly reeling from anything so there goes that angle.

That said, given how close Matić was to leaving last summer (in fairness, who wasn’t?), in part due to his treatment by Mourinho, before Conte changed his mind, it’s not inconceivable that he would leave at some point in the near future. He’s going on 3.5 years at Chelsea, which is the longest he’s ever stayed at any one club and will be entering the final two years of his contract this summer, which is usually the time when big decisions need to be made with regards to extensions or sales.

Chelsea themselves have been linked with plenty of young midfield talent in recent months, and we certainly don’t have room for everyone. Personally, I wouldn’t let the big SpiderBeast go anywhere near Manchester, but I’m not the one with the finger on the big red button.