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Official: Chelsea recall young striker from loan spell at Burnley

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Burnley v Hull City - Premier League Photo by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Once considered one of the best young players in England, Chelsea striker Patrick Bamford has struggled over the past year and a half to fulfill his potential. The 2014-15 Championship Player of the Year (while on loan at Middlesbrough) has made only 22 appearances in the last 18 months across three loan stints, the last of which was at mid-table Premier League side Burnley. Unsurprisingly, his spell at the Clarets was officially cut short by Chelsea today.

In his six appearances for Burnley this season — all as a substitute — Bamford played a grand total of 33 minutes, clearly failing to impress head coach Sean Dyche. Bamford also failed to impress coaches at Crystal Palace and Norwich City last season.

After a third successive failed Premier League loan move, it might be time to try something different with Bamford. Football may be a cut-throat business, but he is still just 23 years old, with plenty of talent and plenty of determination to reach his aspirations.