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Sky Sports understand the obvious regarding John Terry

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Chelsea v Peterborough United - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Silly Season is always liable to produce a couple side-slappers, but yesterday’s claim that AFC Bournemouth were “considering” a loan offer for Chelsea captain John Terry might just take the cake for this January. Chelsea of course did just recall Nathan Aké from the Cherries so they do have a need for a center back, but JT is unlikely to be a valid or even good choice for them. Unlike with most rumors, where even the most outrageous ones can turn a couple heads, almost nobody believed this one anyway.

Fortunately, we have Sky Sports to deny it all anyway, just in case you thought this was at all realistic. B-B-B-B-reaking!

BREAKING! So much breaking.

So now that this news has been smashed to bits, we can resume the status quo of John Terry playing a few FA Cup games and seeing out the rest of his contract at Chelsea until this summer, at which point, he might just retire anyway.