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Atalanta reject Everton’s lowball for Chelsea target Franck Kessié — report

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Serie A breakout star Franck Kessié has taken a few spins in the Chelsea rumor mill already over the past few weeks, but this latest development still came out of left field. Fabrizio Romano, who’s been tracking this whole saga, reports that Atalanta have rejected a £15m bid from the 20-year-old from none other than Everton.

(Everton? Everton.)

Kessié has been linked with a fair few teams in England and Italy so far, but Everton have not yet been one of them. The timing of their sneaky bid is also rather suspect, with Kessié off at the Africa Cup of Nations right now, while the bid itself is a hilarious lowball considering that Atalanta have supposedly rejected a €25m approach from Chelsea already (~£20m). Meanwhile, Everton are about to sign Morgan Schneiderlin from Manchester United, so what were they doing bidding for Kessié in the first place? There’s a lot to this rumor that doesn’t make much sense.

What does make sense is Kessié not going anywhere this January. Maybe in the summer, a move for which there’s apparently plenty of groundwork being done already.