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John Terry’s Chelsea career could end where it began, on loan

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Silly Season now with extra silly seasoning.

Here’s a good one for you.

You know how Chelsea stiffed poor old AFC Bournemouth by recalling Nathan Ake at the eleventh hour this past weekend, throwing future Arsenal manager Eddie Howe’s carefully laid plans into disarray?

Well, it sounds like we might be extending an olive branch and rebuilding the bridge of trust by sending a replacement defender. Do you think they’ll notice the difference?

The joint report from Chelsea beat writer Matt Law and the Telegraph’s chief football correspondent Sam Wallace claims that Bournemouth are considering a loan for Terry, who’s stated repeatedly that he’d never play for a different Premier League than Chelsea ... though that was before falling to, at best, fourth-choice center back, and perhaps even lower than that. Terry’s age experience would apparently be welcomed by Howe, who’s barely three years older than the Chelsea captain.

Terry of course began* his Chelsea career with a six-month loan to Nottingham Forest, who almost even signed him permanently at the time. But in a rare Academy success story, he returned the Blues, won his place, and the, rest, as they say, is history — history, that’s slowly but oh so surely coming to a swift end. Terry’s contract is up at end of the season and it’s unlikely that he will be offered a new one.

In any case, this is pretty silly story, I think, but you never truly know in Silly Season, do you?

* For narrative purposes, we’re ignoring that fact that the Forest loan came after JT had made sixteen appearances for Chelsea.