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Chelsea have three months to do the smart thing and activate Thorgan Hazard's buy-back clause from Borussia Monchengladbach

You know what to do, Emenalo, Granovskaia & Co.

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A few quotes from former Chelsea trainee Thorgan Hazard were making the rounds recently, as he talked about concentrating on the present, building on his excellent start to the season, and not thinking too much about the future

"I've signed a long-term deal and I am only focused on Borussia. I feel good here, and am currently not thinking about any other club."

-Thorgan Hazard; source: BILD via ESPN

Nothing wrong with that sentiment of course, but it's a slightly odd question to be asking at this time of a non-loanee.  The second of the four Hazard brothers has been with Borussia Monchengladbach since 2014, first on loan from Chelsea, then on a more "permanent" basis, as much as contracts can ever be permanent, since February 2015.

So why is Thorgan's future a story suddenly?  Sure, he's off to a flyer with six goals in his first seven appearances in all competitions already this season, but he still hasn't quite managed to lock down a starting spot under Andre Schubert.  Thorgan has shown, more or less, consistent improvement over the past couple years, and if he keeps going, he's definitely going to be an outstanding player.  He's 23 and ready to step up into prime talent territory.

As it turns out, at least according to BILD in Germany, Chelsea's buy-back option on Thorgan, agreed at the time of his transfer agreement in early 2015, is only good for about two years.

The specific timeframe from BILD is 14 weeks, which puts the deadline at around Christmas-time.  It's likely that the actual clause expires either exactly at the end of the calendar year, or at the end of the winter transfer window -- and it's also likely that if the clause is exercised, the actual transfer wouldn't have to take place until the winter or, perhaps more likely, the summer transfer window.  But according to this story, the actual decision has to be made soon.

Hazard's transfer fee from Chelsea to Gladbach was rumored to be around €8m, with Chelsea's buy-back option roughly twice that at €15m.  At that price, the smart decision would be to exercise the clause, regardless of how much we actually rate him.

Much like the Alvaro Morata situation at Real Madrid this summer, even if we don't have room for T.Hazard (now or in the summer), he's surely worth more than €15m on the open market.  If for nothing else, purely as a business move, this would be the smart thing to do.  And if we think he's better than some of our current options -- would the likes of Pedro or Moses or Willian all stick around for another year? -- this would a doubly smart move.

We once joked that an all-Hazard attacking lineup could be a reality at Chelsea.  Third brother Kylian had been doing well in Hungary (though he's currently in the middle of a six-month rehab following an operation for knee ligament damage in May), but getting the older two together would be a fun start!

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