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Official: Chelsea sign David Luiz from PSG

Enjoy the life!

All the i's have been crossed, all the t's have been dotted -- that's not backwards, this is David Luiz's world we're living in now.  After Chelsea basically ruined their own official confirmation by officially confirming a few hours ago that terms have been agreed pending a medical, they have now officially confirmed that the transfer itself has gone through.

The medical has been passed, papers have been signed, the world is a better place.

Need more thumbs up!

It will soon be time for quiet reflection, but for now, it's party time.  Of course, when David Luiz is involved, it's party time all the time.  From the very first moment this absolutely sensational rumor dropped, the the very last drop, it's been a ridiculously awesome way to end the 2016 Summer Transfer Window.

If you had told me a week ago that David Luiz would be a Chelsea player by the month's end, I would've asked you to kindly go troll on the Sun or the Moon or any other celestial body without breathable air.  And yet here we are; reality triumphing over fantasy, and how sweetly!

Even if this works out disastrously, we'll always have this fun ride.  Welcome back, David Luiz!

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